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ArcSight Training

    ArcSight Course Overview

    This ArcSight Training course covers all of the fundamentals of the ArcSight system as well as how to develop a comprehensive solution. The course begins with an overview of ArcSight's fundamental functions, including ArcSight download, installation, deployment, troubleshooting, and more. Following that, you'll learn how to use the Console and Command Center to monitor security events, manage users, set SIEM ArcSight, and ESM network intelligence resources, as well as a quick review of ArcSight architecture. This online ArcSight Training also covers how to use ArcSight Logger to search for data and run reports. Finally, through interactive labs and thorough use-cases, you'll get the essential hands-on skills to pass ArcSight Certification.

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ArcSight Training

ArcSight Training
ArcSight Training

Content for ArcSight Online Training

Everything from an introduction to ArcSight through industry-standard certification courses and beyond is covered in our ArcSight Training Course Content. Our trainers can assist you with making a smooth transition into this fast-growing business, regardless of your professional history.

ArcSight Training Projects in Action

Our ArcSight Training course strives to provide high-quality training with a practical approach that provides solid fundamental understanding on core subjects. Learners will be able to scale up their skills and undertake real-time projects using best practises after being exposed to current industrial use-cases and scenarios.

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